John Vaught

John was taught and understood the Gospel from a young age. He trusted Christ as his personal Saviour at the early age of 6 under the preaching ministry of Pastor Daily, at Blue Ridge Baptist Temple.


Shortly after John married his wife, Misty, they were lead to attend and serve at New Testament Baptist Church, under Pastor J.C. Joiner. There John worked as a leader in the youth department and surrendered to preach and to serve full-time ministry. 


In 2002, John began attending Heartland Baptist Bible College where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Studies. During his years at HBBC, John was an active member at Southwest Baptist Church, worked with the youth, and led the church’s pre-teen department.


Since graduating Bible college, John has worked faithfully and solely in full-time ministry, filling positions of Assistant Pastor, Youth Pastor and College Director. In 2009, he joined the pastoral staff at Fellowship Baptist Church in Liberal, KS, under the leadership of Pastor Bill Prater.


Shortly after John’s surrender to preach, God burdened his heart for church planting. In January 2012, John’s burden became God’s call to Scottsdale, AZ. He and his family moved to the Scottsdale area in August of 2013 to start the NorthWay Baptist Church. On November 3, 2013, they watched God do wonders on their Grand Opening service and look forward to seeing what God will continue to do in the years to come.


John Hinton

Bro John was blessed to grow up in a church environment. His parents attended Bible College and were faithful church-goers before they were married. It was because of his parents’ faithfulness that Bro John was introduced to the Gospel very early in life.  While attending summer camp when he was 9 years old, he came under strong conviction that he was unsaved and could hardly wait until the end of the service to get saved.

Two years later Bro John felt that God was calling him to preach. During his first year of teen camp, the same camp where he was saved, the call on his life to preach became too strong and Bro John surrendered to God’s will. After that Bro John was known for taking every opportunity he could to preach through the ministry of his home church, whether that meant teen rallies or the street evangelism ministry.

It only seemed natural that John should go to Bible College, although the idea was not completely appealing to him. Eventually, John was convinced that God was leading to that end, and graduated from Heartland Baptist Bible College, in May of 2013, with a Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies. Throughout his years at Heartland the Lord graciously allowed John to cultivate a relationship with Mallory, and the two were married in June, 2013.

In conjunction with a wife, the Lord also used those years at college to yield a great opportunity for John to aid in carrying the Gospel to Arizona. That opportunity revealed itself in God using Pastor Vaught to plant a seed in John’s heart that would eventually grow into a calling. The young couple now serves together at NorthWay Baptist Church, in Scottsdale, Arizona.